Is working from home the new norm?

Working from home in some sectors of employment has become a popular choice for companies as they recognise the advantages of having fewer employees to cater for in terms of office space. Companies have become more flexible with working hours which has greatly benefited empl...


Should classes be split in to sets?

There has been a long on-going debate as to if sets are a good idea when it comes to education. Often sets are not introduced until secondary school but some primary settings are also adopting this way of teaching. Sets are created in order to group students according to abi...


Getting to grips with a new job

If you have just started or are about to start a new job then you may find the first few days hard. You will often have to get to know a lot of new people, new processes and new systems all in one go and it can feel a little overwhelming. It is important to take your time an...


Taking a part time job

If you are looking for work or are currently self employed and feel like you need more security then you may decide to look for a part time job. Being employed can give you some sort of security whilst also allowing you time to do other things such as other work or hobbies. ...


New year, new job

We are not quite at the end of the year yet but it certainly is creeping upon us. Before we know it will be Christmas and then only a week later, we will be seeing in the new year – hopefully this year in style! A new ye...


Starting a New Job

Starting a new job is always challenging, including jobs in education. If you've switched schools you'll need to build new relationships with other teachers, remember hundreds of names, as well as stamping your authority in the classroom, making your rules clear to unfamiliar students.

Supply teaching vacancies in Cambridge

Teachers often want to move schools or look for a new position as they move on in their teaching career. Looking for supply teaching jobs Cambridge is much easier with the help of a recruitment consultant. Specialist agencies will find teaching jobs, advertise them and form relationships with schools to help place teachers in new positions.