Helping your children cope with exam stress

Students are being put under the pressure of exams from a fairly young age now and this is a cause for concern for many parents. SATS are going on throughout this week and many 10 and 11 year olds have been worrying for some time as to how they will perform. Many students may do well in a classroom ...


Creating a website to offer jobs to candidates

If you are in the web design industry then you will probably know that to create a comprehensive jobs board website requires a lot of programming and complex functionality and all of this costs time and money. If you are considering setting up a jobs boards you will need to take some time to careful...


Are we too quick to label children?

If a child is struggling at school in general or with a particular subject, many parents and teachers are often too quick to label the child with having a learning difficulty such as Dyslexia or ADHD. Many people like to have a reason for a child struggling and putting some sort of label on them can...


What to consider when taking on employees

Sometimes a business will grow over time and it will become obvious to the owner that they need to take on more staff. This can happen gradually or suddenly there may be a need for more people. Some businesses need to have more than one member of staff to even start trading and this can often be qui...


Renting out part of your office

If you are self employed or have a small business then you may struggle to keep up with the costs of renting a business premises. On top of the rent you may also be responsible for business rates and internet / phone charges and this can very quickly add up to an extortionate amount a month. Ofte...


Working as a Teaching Assistant

Finding a job that fits in with your family can be extremely challenging. If you have your own children, finding child care through the long summer holidays can be costly so working in a school is an ideal solution. Many schools encourage parents to volunteer to hear children read and this is a g...


Starting a New Job

Starting a new job is always challenging, including jobs in education. If you've switched schools you'll need to build new relationships with other teachers, remember hundreds of names, as well as stamping your authority in the classroom, making your rules clear to unfamiliar students.