Balancing home and work life

Posted on December 20, 2020 at 8:28 pm

It is always important to try and get the balance right between home and work life. If you tip the balance too much over to work then you will often find that your home life suffers because you cannot spend enough time with your family or you are too tired when you do. If you tip the balance in favour of home too much then you may not work as much as you need to and therefore not earn as much as you need to. It is unlikely you will get a promotion or pay rise if you do not even put yourself out for work I.e. working overtime when asked on some occasions.

This years has meant that lots of people home / work life have at times blended in to one. It may be that you have had to work from home and also tried to look after your child whilst taking work calls. This has not been easy for many people but as everyone was in the same situation, it didn’t matter. If possible, try and put aside time for work and then time for home life. If you are still working from home then why not set up a desk in a corner of the room or a space room so you have a dedicated work area.

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