How to obtain a reference for a job

Posted on August 10, 2021 at 2:01 pm

Searching for employment can be stressful regardless of whether you are currently out of work or you are employed but want to apply for a new position.

When applying for jobs or completing application forms, you may be asked to provide references. Sometimes you just need to give a work reference, but other times you may also be asked for personal references (sometimes called character references). You need to be sure that the person who is recommending you for employment is willing and able to give you a good reference. A good reference can be the difference between getting the job offered to you or not, so picking the right person is very important. It is also important to have the permission of the person you want to put down as a reference, prior to giving their details out.

Although companies should not give you a bad reference they can refuse to give you one.

When it comes to choosing your reference, previous employers are always a must and although you may be able to give another name for a character reference, employers are the best option for job applications. If you are still employed by your choice of reference then you may be able to ask that they do not contact them unless you are offered the position.

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