Renting out part of your office

Posted on January 27, 2017 at 9:16 pm

If you are self employed or have a small business then you may struggle to keep up with the costs of renting a business premises. On top of the rent you may also be responsible for business rates and internet / phone charges and this can very quickly add up to an extortionate amount a month.

Often people rent offices and only use a small proportion of the space available and essentially this is wasted. If you are looking to rent an office but feel that you don’t need a whole room then why not look at renting out part of the office to someone else. You will need to check what the terms of the contract is to ensure that you are allowed to do this but many owners are happy to do this as long as you guarantee the rent is paid even if the person you are leasing part of it out to doesn’t pay you.

If the thought of taking on the responsibility of renting out an office is a little bit too much for you then you could look in to renting a desk within an existing office. This is getting more and more popular and often you will pay a set amount a day or month which will include everything.




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