School admission results

Posted on April 16, 2018 at 11:53 am

Many parents have woken up this morning to find out if their child has been accepted in to the school of their choice. Many parents had until the start of this year to request placement for their child at up to three different schools. These forms were usually submitted back to local councils for them to be able to decide and allocate places accordingly.

If the parent’s first choice of school was not available then they would try and accommodate them at the second and then the third. If no places were available at their chosen schools then an alternative would usually be offered.

Many parents are now frantically looking through Ofsted reports and on social media sites to find out a bit more about the school their child has been offered a place at to see if they are happy with it. Although league tables and Ofsted reports can give an insight in to how the school is ran and performs it is often not as useful as you may think and actually taking a visit to the school yourself may put your mind at ease and allow you to see for yourself how it is ran.

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