Substitute Teaching in and around Skegness

Posted on May 24, 2015 at 8:24 am

So what exactly is a Supply Teacher?

A supply teacher is a teacher that takes place of the main teacher for a class; they are also commonly referred to as a substitute teacher in the United States. When the main teacher is sick or has to be absent from work for other reasons, whether the time is for a short period or for a long period, a supply teacher will be used in their place until they come back. You may end up having the same supply teacher each and every day while your main teacher is out or you can have a few different ones based on the schedules of the supply teacher’s’.

Being a supply teacher is very easy to do; you need to love working with kids, you need to enjoy spreading knowledge and maybe even learn new things while doing so. The credentials and requirements for becoming a supply teacher versus a normal teacher do vary; they are a lot stricter when it comes to the main teacher because they will be there everyday year after year doing the same subject whereas a supply teacher comes and goes from classroom to classroom helping out wherever they are needed. In one day a supply teacher can possibly cover history, art, music, science and more and not just history or just art all day long.

Supply teaching in Skegness is of the highest demand it has ever been, more and more supply teachers are needed to help with classrooms. As of now there are even some supply teachers who are working alongside the main teacher, like a mentor, for them to become a main teacher of their own. You can easily find hundreds and hundreds of different supply teaching jobs online through a variety of websites such as indeed, just teachers, e-teach and more. You can also choose from supply teaching positions that are part time or supply teaching jobs that are full time.

Working as a supply teacher part time allows you to have time for either another part time job, or to relax, run errands, take care of the house and hang with loved ones. However this means that you would not need to fill in for another teacher every day of the school week; you may only be needed a few days a week. When you are working as a supply teacher full time then you will always be in a classroom while school is in session. You could end up being the teacher for a class for several months if the main teacher went for surgery or if they are in search of a new one. Or you could end up filling in for math one day and then culinary the next; as a supply teacher no matter what you work or what your specialty is if you are needed to help teach students and be there for them than that is exactly where you will end up being at. Teaching is an art and it is nothing but caring and patience; learn how to better help others prepare for bright tomorrow, today.

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