What is flexible working?

Posted on November 19, 2018 at 2:19 pm

With many of us having personal aspects of our life that can interfere with our work, it is now the law that anyone can request flexible working hours as long as they have worked for that company for at least 26 weeks. Flexible working can mean a number of different working options such as a job share, reduced or changed working hours or working from home. Although your employer does not have to agree to your request for flexible working they do have to follow guidelines about how to proceed with the request and hold a meeting with you to discuss it. They should also allow you to appeal the decision.

Flexible working needs to work for both the employer and employee. It is important to remember that if it is not possible for you to do your current job with the hours you have requested or to do them from home then they may not be able to agree to this but may be able to offer another solution.

The first step for applying for flexible working is to put it in writing to your employer. They will then have three months to review and give you a decision.



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