Should classes be split in to sets?

Posted on March 21, 2022 at 10:44 pm

There has been a long on-going debate as to if sets are a good idea when it comes to education. Often sets are not introduced until secondary school but some primary settings are also adopting this way of teaching. Sets are created in order to group students according to ability. It is there to allow that group to be taught the same subject at the same level and the same way rather than having to cater for a mixed ability class. There are very mixed reviews as to if sets are a good idea but they can mean that the teachers lessons are more targeted and therefore the pupils should take more from them. Having sets can cause issues amongst pupils though and you may find that there are arguments about who’s at what level. This can cause a lot of friction and can lead to bullying if not managed correctly. Some pupils may feel that they have been labelled and will therefore not push themselves any harder. Research has shown that sometimes it is helpful to put children with other children who are a higher ability to them as it can help bring them up too.

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