Teaching after the pandemic

Posted on November 30, 2022 at 9:31 am

Over the last couple of year, teaching has been quite different and at times very challenging. You will have had times where you may have only been teaching a handful of children in the classroom but then you will also have had to set up remote learning and communicated with children who were told to stay at home or that were isolating.

As the lockdown restrictions have now been lifted and children have been back at school now for some time, you may finally be able to start getting back in to teaching how you used to. Many children have missed out on so much education that is it obvious that they may of fallen behind. Although parents and teachers may be concerned about this, there are possibly solutions as to how children can again catch up. The government have yet to decide exactly how this will happen but it could be that extra tuition is offered to those pupils who need it most although as time goes on, this seems less likely to happen. What this will mean for the role of a teacher is yet unknown. Many are worried that they are going to be asked to work even longer hours or that they will have to push their class more which in many cases is simply not fair and probably will not work.

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